– The Swahili Experience –

Bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, under the African sun and in the middle of nature sit the five Nyumbas (houses), a place where you will be able to enjoy a truly unique experience.


Just a stone’s throw from Lamu Town, The Red Pepper House opens up its doors to showcase the very best of Swahili culture.

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One of the best things to do here at The Red Pepper House is to do nothing at all… just relax and let time go by, watch the sun, etc.

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Lamu offers up, alive and in the very street, its Swahili soul in its purest form, in the reality of a society which is integrated and sure of itself.

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Know our facilities, the services included in each nyumba, select in our wide range of activities and know our fantastic rates.

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The Red Pepper House is a journey through time, in luxurious surroundings, and is accompanied by the story of a thousand-year-old culture and the elegance of a colonial past.

Declared a World Heritage Site, Lamu is a rare gem: hundreds of years old and yet perfectly preserved thanks to its isolated location. Situated within an archipelago off the coast of Kenya, Lamu is where the thousand-year-old Swahili culture has been best preserved. Here, history, charm and the facinating natural scenery offered by this Land of Adventures all coexist perfectly.

“Your Swahili experience begins here …”

“An architectural design that will change the world”